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Assimilation is violence.

It is to make us strangers to the ancestral knowledge that has run through our veins for centuries. It is the active erasure of our pasts in order to fit someone else’s vision of the future.

It makes us strangers to ourselves— and each other.

We arrive and strive to be like them

… only to discover that we can never be anyone else than ourselves.

My work is dedicated to those hidden in plain sight — the migrants — it is a reminder of our royalty that once was, and still is— the beauty in our color, the poetry in our narratives and the song in our accents.

If we are not honored by others, then we have the power to honor each other.

My work is dedicated to (you/us).

Alia Ali

Featuring at The High Line Nine, Wanderlust Exhibition, Octavia Gallery, April 4-29th. Opening of exhibition is April 6th from 5-7pm. Brooke Minto, Director of Columbus Art Museum, will be in conversation with the artist at the opening at 6:30 pm.

Featuring at PhotoLONDON, Galerie Peter Sillem, May 11-14th with an Artist talk hosted by NIKON on Saturday, May 13th at 4pm.